Retail security cameras a critical component to business safety

Security cameras are a crucial business tool and in some instances have become required.

While adding security cameras to a retail business seems like a top priority for any merchants, many of them just place the equipment in a corner and leave them be. In some instances they are not even plugged in, as some business owners believe just having the appearance of a camera is enough to deter would-be criminals from committing a crime because of the fear of getting caught.

However, there is much more that can be done with cameras and they tend to work better when powered on. A recent article from Tech Zone 360 examined the ways that a proper retail security system can protect employees as well as aid police and other law enforcement agencies.

"While video security systems for businesses continue to evolve, changes in the way they are used makes perhaps a bigger difference for owners," the article reads. "Taken out of hiding and sight, and brought front and center to customer entrances, camera and TV screen combos should serve as a deterrent to crime."

The piece goes on to use the CVS pharmacy chain as an example of how this new idea can be seen in practice. Anyone who has walked into one of these establishments has seen the large video screens that greet them, letting them know that they are being watched.

The technology that allows this to happen has grown substantially over the last few years and now smaller retail security cameras can turn out higher quality video than ever before. Affordable options that provide detailed images are hitting the market everyday, allowing them to be used for any number of operations.

Retail security cameras slowly become required technology

In some instances, improved retail security equipment will no longer be merely an option, but the law. According to a recent article firm Security Director News, Prince George's County City Council in Maryland, has passed a bill that requires all convenience stores, gas stations and other businesses that are open 24 hours to add drop boxes and retail security cameras.

The regulations mandate that any retailer with overnight operations must have a surveillance system that includes at least three cameras running at one time. Businesses that fall under this umbrella will have a year to install two cameras, one facing the cash register and one at the entrance. In three years, a third camera facing the parking lot will be required.

"It's going to be a lifesaver," Skip Fletcher, the manager of the local 2000 Mart, told the news source. "When I'm out front, the owner is in the back watching the cameras and he sees everything and can come help me if he sees anything going on out front."

This move is being done because violence at convenience stores and gas stations account for roughly 27 percent of commercial crime in the last year.

Why this strategy is important

The importance of using security systems was seen during the Boston Marathon bombing and the subsequent search for those responsible. Within 24 hours, images of the bombers were plastered all over the news and social media. Because of this, they were brought to justice a few days later.

Every company needs to protect its employees and its products. The best way to do this is with a surveillance system that criminals are aware of and cannot evade.