Roadmap to EMV


POS Operating System - for those still Running XP or earlier versions of Windows you are most at risk

  • In April of 2014, Microsoft Corporation stopped supporting your XP operating system. (making it is susceptible to malware) 

  • If you are using XP as the operating system you are in need of an upgrade as mandated by the Card issuers MC/Visa/Amex/Discover. 

  • Credit Card Brands and others within the processing industry warn that fines and penalties will be levied on sites compromised.

  • We wish to assist you right away with the upgrades needed.

  • We have specific plans and payment options available so you can act now

Hardware Needs

  • If on XP operating system Check Hardware’s compatibility with new OS as many machines 5 years
    or older require more memory or hard drive upgrades to even load the new OS. 

  • Replace non- compatible hardware

  • Depending upon business type Quick Service, Table Service or Retail the additional pieces of Hardware may vary

  • We suggest encrypted Card readers and Pin Pads that take your POS out of scope yet still protect the swiped card data