NCC Reflection POS



Reflection POS Embedded is proven software with more than 30,000 systems installed in 35 countries around the world. Reflection POS is equipped with the most sophisticated network on the market. System information is replicated on every terminal across the high-speed TCP/IP network. Built on solid-state technology and an embedded operating system, Reflection POS is not succeptable to viruses or spyware so you can rest assured that it will be ready to perform when you need it.


Why take a chance on anything else!

Reflection POS is a fully featured software application with the flexibility to suit a wide range of restaurant types. From Quick Serve to Table Serve, Reflection POS has the power needed by today's restaurateur. Utilizing the powerful Screen Designer programming function, Reflection POS can customize screens to create operation-specific transaction flow and screen layouts that are the most efficient and appropriate for the merchant. Screen Designer also allows for the use of graphical images and for customized button sizes, shapes, and positions. This flexibility is the key to designing screens that deliver optimal useability.

General Features
  • Stand-alone or network up to 32 terminals
  • No Single Point of Failure
  • Standard TCP/IP Ethernet communications
  • Complete Terminal Redundancy
  • Auto-Sensing/Self-Healing Network
  • Turn-Key Design
  • Optional Back Office PC
  • Print historical reports by date range
QSR Features
Reflection POS is equipped to handle all sizes of quick service operations. It possesses all operational and management functionality that are key to running an efficient QSR operation.
  • Auto-Combination Recognition
  • Coin Changer Support
  • Kitchen Video support
  • Assign customer phone number for to-go orders
  • Single/Dual Drive-Thru Mode
  • Drive-thru Order Confirmation Board Support
  • Inventory control
  • Recipe and cost analysis
TSR/Bar/Casual Dining Features
Reflection POS can be easily designed to allow for the various styles of restaurant concepts. From the start of the order process, the various transitions that a guest check can be subjected to are handled quickly and efficiently. Whether in a Cashier style operation or full service using a banked wait staff concept, Reflection POS has all of the necessary management control and report tracking to provide an accurate view of the day's business.
  • Table and Retained Check Tracking
  • Graphical Table Map
  • Integrated Credit Authorization Option
  • Server Banking and Cashier Operations
  • Auto Gratuity
  • Inclusive Tax Items
  • Priority Sorting for Kitchen Printers
  • Custom Kitchen Messages
  • Split Checks by Item/Seat/Dollar Amount
  • Split an item up to 9 ways
  • Combine Check Function
  • Server Transfer, one or all checks
  • Check Recall by bar code scanner
  • Pre-Authorization on Bar Tabs
  • Assign Names to Bar Tabs
  • Liquor Dispenser Support
Reflection POS includes a wide range of real time reports. Reports can be taken locally at each station or on the optional Back Office PC equipped with PC Workstation software. Report data can also be exported and communicated via FTP push for use with other reporting solutions. Detailed information can be obtained by System, Revenue Center, Terminal and Employee.
  • Financial
  • Open Checks
  • Closed Checks
  • Credit Card Batch Detail
  • Credit Card Batch Summary
  • Customer Summary
  • Major Group Sales
  • Department Sales
  • Item Sales Mix
  • Discount Recipient
  • Charge Account Balance
  • Hour/Half-Hour/Quarter Hour Sales
  • Sales Tax
  • Refund Detail
  • Employee Time Card
  • Employees Clocked In
  • Labor Analysis
  • Payroll Totals
  • Tip Report
  • Inventory Totals
  • Food Cost

Terminals 32
Revenue Centers 8
Major Groups 32
Departments 256
Menu Items 30,000
Inventory Items 30,000
Charge Accounts 30,000
Discounts/Coupons 499
Employees 9,999
Job Codes 32
Pay Rates 8
Meal Periods 8
Size Levels 8
Order Types 8
Promos 999