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With the HP MX10 Retail Solution, there’s no need for customers to wait. Now, retailers can speed up the sales process and reduce customer frustrations. And, the ability to handle a lot of requests much more efficiently will make store associates appreciate the benefits of integrated technology just as much as the customers.

Existing POS peripherals for retail are often stationary, requiring that associates stay at one location – which means they don’t have the freedom to help customers when and where they need it.

The new HP MX10 Retail Solution – a 3-in-1 integrated solution that combines the HP ElitePad Mobile POS Solution (MPOS) and the HP Retail Expansion Dock – changes all that. It also gives retail employees the power to meet a range of customer requests, like scheduling appointments or checking nearby inventory – without leaving the customer’s side.

Pre-configured support for Windows operating systems also makes the HP MX10 compatible with existing back-end systems and able to sync with data such as inventory. Associates have the advantage of being able to serve customers anywhere in the store while still being able to use a complete POS to print receipts and access a cash drawer.

Empowering customers with more self-service options

While some customers want to be served by associates, others want more independence when shopping. In fact, a 2012 IHL Consulting Group survey reported that nearly half of consumers polled wanted more self-service options than they’re currently experiencing in stores.

Designed to bridge the gap between the online and brick-and-mortar experience, the HP IX3 and IX5 Self-Service Kiosk Solutions empower customers by giving them the ability to control their transactions. Retailers can configure the kiosks with a variety of functions to help customers with things like bill payment, ordering food, check-in and gift registry.

Built-in functions such as image scanning, printers and card readers also help expedite the process – serving as a welcome helping hand for customers. Empowering customers through technology by introducing new hardware and leveraging existing software is a shift that we’ll see throughout the next few years – and a welcome one at that.